Movie review

Let me be perfectly upfront and honest with you that this sort of movie is my fucking jam. I love it when it takes days to digest what the hell you just watched. I enjoy when there’s more going on that you may not have noticed. When sci-fi takes you out of what you know well with your daily life and you are forced to accept the world that it’s building… Knowing full well that you don’t have all the facts.

Annihilation does this well. In fact it’s one of the main premises of the movie. Nothing is as it supposed to be. This movie is full on Sci-fi, but old man the horror end of it is unnerving.

Major scene to major scene you will be encountering all sorts stellar imagery. Annihilation is as beautiful as it is erie.

It’s worth a watch if you enjoy horror and sci-fi but absolutely a must see if you enjoyed Ex Machina.

I don’t like going into the general plot of a movie in a review because with a lot of the movies that I watch the can become general spoilers and I try to avoid that. If you want to dig, obviously the plot of just about any movie is listed elsewhere.

Holy shit, the fucking bear scene.

Directed by Alex Garland
Written by Alex Garland (written for screen) Jeff VanderMeer (novel)