Get Out

Movie review

One part The Twilight Zone and one part The Stepford Wives, Get Out is a thriller with a psychological horror twist.

I enjoyed the ride that it took me on even if the ending that was in the final release wasn’t what was intended based on test audiences reactions.

You spend a lot of time with a general unease with what’s going on around you. You don’t quite know who to trust and who is absolutely batshit insane.

There are some very obvious metaphors to racism in America tied through the entire movie. I do not feel that they are heavy-handed but they may make some uncomfortable. I think it was a good way to shed some more light on a problem that we have.

Get Out more psychological than gory, however there is gore toward the end, I mean let’s be honest it is a horror flick, the unease is real.

Get Out
Directed and written by Jordan Peele