Baby Driver

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Enjoyable at a surface level and fascinating at a deeper level. Baby Driver is more than a sum of its parts. At first glance it appears to be a heist move with plenty of faces you’ll recognize, with a few in roles you aren’t used to seeing them in. When you dig deeper you will see a fantastic series of edits that tie together not only to each other but to the soundtrack.

As a heist movie, Baby Driver holds true with characters you want to hate and others you cheer to win. Well choreographed chase scenes that cement who Baby is in this world he doesn’t belong in which are fueled by a killer soundtrack. On that leg alone, I enjoyed this movie.

At the deeper level, I want to watch this a few more times to see what I missed. I want to look for loop backs on plot, foreshadowing, conversation references, and nods to other films. I noticed several, but I know there are some I missed.

Do you like your Hamm crispy? 😉

Directed by: Edgar Wright
Written by: Edgar Wright