Featured Movie review

Hostiles is a movie that is set in the western genre and occurs sometime after the US Civil War. It follows the path of two bitter foes that have been fighting their own personal war against each other in the US frontier; an Army Captain (Christian Bale) and a Cheyenne War Chief (Wes Studi).

The movie moves slowly throughout. However, it is dramatically impressive with the handling of the scenes and the emotional performance put in by Bale is nothing short of fantastic. There are times throughout where you can truly feel the pain of the emotional roller-coaster that Bale is riding throughout the arc of the story-line.

Rosamund Pike puts in a nice performance as well that even won her some award nominations that year. And there is a short, but nice appearance from Ben Foster. Foster is one of my favorite dramatic actors and he never falls short of impressing me with every performance that I see him in.

As for the sounds of the movie, the soundtrack itself is very nicely done and the backing tracks for many of the scenes really lends itself to pulling you in to the emotions of the movie throughout. However, there are times when the voices of the actors are either to low or drowned out with other sounds. I found myself really having to “lean-in” and concentrate on what was being said to fully hear it and understand it.

For a last thought on this movie; it’s a nice watch, but sitting at just over 2 hours in length and moving as slowly as it does, it’s a movie that you really need to be prepared for and have the time open to put into really enjoying it for what it is. It is a movie that also gives a different view into the interactions between frontiersman, the US military, and the Native American Indians. In a way, it is very similar to Dances With Wolves and how that movie was done.

My consensus…I loved it and am glad I spent the time watching it.

Director: Scott Cooper
Writers: Scott Cooper (screenplay), Donald E. Stewart (book)
Stars: Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, Wes Studi, Ben Foster

4.5 out of 5 stars!