About PXN

Pixelated Nerdity is a stream team that was created on April 9, 2018 by its four founding members Cheski, Cpl_Tunnel, Ivellios, and Spydyr.

These four founding members have known each other in real life for many years and even worked together in the past. They have maintained a solid friendship that has outlived that professional working relationship that initially brought them together.

Through the years they have maintained a passion for gaming, of both digital and tabletop varieties. Each of them had branched into their own areas of recording and posting game play videos, eventually gravitating to Twitch and live streaming. After spending time streaming in a solo capacity, but offering advice and support to each other as needed, they came to see the advantages of joining forces to not only help their own individual communities and streams, but also to grow together as a single community. This was the birth of Pixelated Nerdity!

All 4 members merged their communities together and now there is one place for all to be a part of and grow together through a singular passion…gaming. On top of that, they all get to push for good vibes and advocate a positive and caring attitude to those that become dedicated members of the Pixelated Nerdity family. Yes, they all love gaming, but doing it in a fun environment that exudes positive thoughts and actions and helps each other grow is what this is all about!!!