About Spydyr

Hey everyone, my passion right now is streaming and gaming. I stream a variety of games and genres, including RTS games, strategy games, turn-based games, and Virtual Reality (VR) games. I also do full game plays on certain games as well. And all of those get recorded and added to my YouTube channel. But my big love is BLOOD BOWL! Any of you that know me well, know that is the game I am good at and excel at. So come on over and watch me play some Blood Bowl and maybe even learn a few things about the game.

I am also happily married and have 2 amazing bonus children that are both grown and living life to the fullest on their own. My wife and I are enjoying being empty-nesters. I am a very positive person and always optimistic in life. Not much bothers or stresses me out. So again, come on in and join me and feed off of my positive vibes and fun nature!

I am a progammer by skill, but love doing many things including gaming, reading (fantasy & sci-fi mostly), most sports, watching movies and tv, and spending time with my family. Oh yeah…and I love MIZZOU!